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If You are a competent and qualified professional who has been working for over 6 years in your specific field of expertise and are interested in working in an international and gratifying reality, send us your detailed CV and we will be pleased to review it.

We guarantee an immediate response for each CV received.

All Qualified Professionals selected for the skills they possess are considered Partners by A&I Service , and through their own competence made available and with a non-exclusive contract, they can take advance:

icon-check-square-o of A&I Service marketing activities for the promotion of related services;

icon-check-square-o contact with primary national and international companies require A&I Service services;

icon-check-square-o undertake continuous training pertaining to related A&I Service activities;

icon-check-square-o travel expenses managed directly by A&I Service without need for any advance payment;

icon-check-square-o insurance coverage for any damage caused to the customer during the service provided.

   We operate with absolute transparency on the acquired contracts and relevant A&I Service fees.

If interested and in fulfilment of the requirements:

Accepted file types: pdf, doc, png, docx, txt., .zip


The service provided to our clients is the temporary provision of qualified professionals, with limited duration over time.

The relationship with A&I Service / Client is not to be interpreted as being an employee on a continual basis

Please refrain from sending a CV who is not in possession of proven and qualified professionalism or who intends to look for an employee / continuous job.

A&I Service retain the right to reject any application or CV at our discretion without response.

If interested and in fulfilment of the requirements:

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In the business approach often the companies looking for external Professionals who can handle certain situation or temporary activity to achieve business improvement goals.

Normally, the searching of the Professional take difficulties in the business environment, since, often, the competence required is out of the skill possessed by company personnel within that the assessment meter is purely subjective and / or the company appoint a specialized and expensive external companies without guarantee of success.

Sometimes the company has the internal skills to evaluate the external professional, but…..Continue Reading

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