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Trainers & On Job Trainer

Trainers Area

A&I Service is able to provide a qualified professional on national and international area as Trainer for an effective transfer of expertise across Certification schemes and other areas.

Management System against Certification schemes as:

 icon-chevron-right Design and implementation of Company MS, any schemes;
 icon-chevron-right Course for to learn the basis of MS standards;
 icon-chevron-right Qualified course for Auditor/Lead Auditor course;
 icon-chevron-right BRC / IFS implementation course;
 icon-chevron-right HACCP – Food defence – PCQI – FSMA course

Other MS as:

 icon-chevron-right Privacy MS according 679/2016 EC directive;
 icon-chevron-right Occupational, health and safety
 icon-chevron-right ADR and ADR security for HDG products
 icon-chevron-right ISPS Code for Ships and Port

For those attend a formation course, a recognized Qualification Certificate will be provided.

On Job Trainer Area:

For A&I Service, the methodology of training is the most important factor for the transfer of cognitive skills and effecting growth of knowledge.
However, in order to be able to apply correctly what is learned on training, practical on job training on field is required.
A&I Service have developed a new professional role, that of “job animator or mentor”, a professional, highly competent into the sector who will accompany either a single operator or a team of

practitioners into the field during the application of what they learned in training. A&I Service is able to provider “On Job training / Mentor” for all areas mentioned above.
For those attend a On Job Training, a recognized Qualification Certificate will be provided.

The skills of our Professionals are not solely restricted to the areas mentioned here, contact us for information on further fields, we will be happy to help you make use of our skills and expertise.

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