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In the business approach often the companies looking for external Professionals who can handle certain situation or temporary activity to achieve business improvement goals.

Normally, the searching of the Professional take difficulties in the business environment, since, often, the competence required is out of the skill possessed by company personnel within that the assessment meter is purely subjective and / or the company appoint a specialized and expensive external companies without guarantee of success.

Sometimes the company has the internal skills to evaluate the external professional, but prefer to use other search channels.

A&I Service has been operating for several years as a Temporary Professionals Agency, has a database of Professionals experts in the various sectors, has an effective selection and evaluation system performed by Professionals in the specific sector and is able to provide the Clients with the Professional with the required expertise and possibly in the area / country of needs.

A&I Service provides the professional competence of the individual professional and, on request, send the professional CV, as well as supervising the compliance and effectiveness of the work carried out and is always available for the possible “super parties” management of the any issues involved.

A&I Service has also stipulate an insurance policy with primary international insurance to cover any damage caused by the Professionals provided during their activities, to the effect, from the beginning of the activities (5 years) no one Customer has communicated damage caused by our Professionals.


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If You are a competent and qualified professional who has been working for over 6 years in your specific field of expertise and are interested in working in an international and gratifying reality, send us your detailed CV and we will be pleased to review it…..

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