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Manager area

A&I Service is able to offer a national and international opportunity for an Area Project Manager, this will be a temporary assignment, to run until the objective have be achieved and the planned and agreed targets met.
For this position an initial phase will be required to analyse the business needs, its current status and to identify the objectives and to agree on the targets that must be met.
Only at the end of this phase will be A&I Service be able to identify in existing Partners or to search in the national / international area the professional who will fulfil the required role.

After acceptance of contract by the company, the Professional can start the activities and A&I Service will guarantee the continuous monitoring the improvement of planned action plan.

Various Professional area

The search for professionals is an activity that can be severe for the company, sometime the company does not have the ability to verify the specific skills of the Professional, so the risk of negative alteration or problems can be very high in both economic terms and in terms of organizational issues.

A&I Service in response to the specific needs of the Customer, is able to provide and/or search into the local / national / international area, the Professional who is able to meet the specific Customers’ needs. Placement will proceed under the careful control and monitoring of A&I Service, to include customer feedback and the achievement of planned and agreed goals.

The skills of our Manager and Professionals are not solely restricted to the areas mentioned, contact us for information on further fields, we will be happy to help you make use of our skills and expertise.

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