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Auditor / Lead Auditor Area

A&I Service is able to provide a professional Auditor / Lead Auditor competent in the relevant Certification Schemes and in possession of appropriate certification and qualifications on national and international area for Internal audit / Suppliers audit and Certification audit on behalf of Certification body

Main management system scheme active:

 icon-chevron-right Quality MS according ISO 9001 standard
 icon-chevron-right Environmental MS according ISO 14001 standard
 icon-chevron-right OHSAS MS according BS OHSAS 18001
 icon-chevron-right OHSAS MS according ISO 45001 new standard
 icon-chevron-right Information Security MS according ISO/IEC 27001 standard
 icon-chevron-right Food Safety MS according ISO 22000 standard
 icon-chevron-right Supply Chain MS according ISO 28000
 icon-chevron-right Business Continuity MS according ISO 22301 standard
 icon-chevron-right Energy MS according ISO 50001 standard
 icon-chevron-right Social Responsibility MS according ISO 26000 standard
 icon-chevron-right Anti-bribery MS according ISO 37001 standard

Proprietary schemes:

 icon-chevron-right SQAS – Transport service / Cleaning station / Warehousing
 icon-chevron-right CDI IMPCAS – CDI-Terminal
 icon-chevron-right BRC – IFS – Global Gap
 icon-chevron-right Codex HACCP
 icon-chevron-right Food Defence

Inspector and Surveyor Area:

 icon-chevron-right Medical devices according ISO 13485
 icon-chevron-right Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
 icon-chevron-right Food conformity assessment
 icon-chevron-right Loading / unloading product surveying for Ship / Train / Container / Trucks

The skills of our Professionals are not solely restricted to the areas mentioned here, contact us for information on further fields, we will be happy to help you make use of our skills and expertise.

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