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A&I Service dpt of ICaS Group is a company under Swiss law with a recognized professional from various from various sectors of the workforce and selected Partners from various European and non-European nationalities.
A&I Service offers its service as the temporary professional agency to public and private companies located in European and non-European countries.
The contractual conditions and business accounting, are managed by the Switzerland office both for outbound billing, for incoming invoices and for bank accounts.
The value of A&I Service is given by the value of selected professionals working in different countries, so we are always looking for professionals in the various fields of activity to select and integrate with Partners.
The goal of A&I Service in providing a temporary professional is to overcome the expectations of the Customer.

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If You are a competent and qualified professional who has been working for over 6 years in your specific field of expertise and are interested in working in an international and gratifying reality, send us your detailed CV and we will be pleased to review it…..

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